With the Cheshire Grin



Momma…(or…Ay, ay, ay, ay)

Ay, Momma, I’m stuck in drama

The trauma dun made me dumber

This mind is steady in flutter

Flummoxin like a motherfucker

Dyin inside…

Chokin on the blood inside…

I guess that must be why

I’m failing when it comes to tryin

No more whining with the “why, why, why”s

The real is just the picture

The picture is just a fixture

I angle the fixture with liquor

Adding it to the scripture

Fleshing it out with pictures

Padding it, make it thicker

It’s a neverending cycle

And I’m sharing it in flickers

Tryin to fill in the fissures

Ay, momma, I ain’t feelin like a victor


You’ll remember me

When you reminisce within your dreams

When you hear your friends, your family, askin bout me

When it makes you wanna me scream

When you really, truly, do want me

You’ll remember me


You’ll remember me

When I ink or bleed into the scene

It’s all the same thing

I’m shining wit a darker different bling

I’m twitching wit a different blink

Spastic wit a different think

I️ might be something never seen

I’m dark like dirt, melanin that neat

My skin is all I️ see, yet it’s bleedin all on me

So, I️ write within my see

Fuck yo seat, it’s all on g


You’ll remember me

From the couch, to the shower, to the sheets

Hittin every angle, every degree

And every scream

We drippin in cream

Not that Wu Tang mean

Somebody gon have to get in here and try to clean

We just a causing a scene

Something to record, something you can dream

You, me

All we can be

Neighbors gon call the police


Under the influence of depression

I write with deep expression

Wit lead and pen, I’m flexin’

Gifted by trauma and stressin

I get my steps in

I’m lifted, I’m bangin within the moment

Know itI’m only drinkin, cuz I’m sinkin

And I’m metaphorically sinkin, cuz I’m stuck with all this thinkin

Plus, my balance has me blinkinSo, my crooked walkin?

Is cuz these thoughts, they stay knockin

And rockin, so I’m steady talkin

It gets me under fire and gives me the fire

It gets me higher

It’s the balance of a curse and a gift

It gives you rifts, it gives you lifts

Heart on my shoulder, bleedin my wrists

I ink this shit


I think we need greed, I think it balances out that need

I’m talkin bout pushin and pushin past when you bleed

It differs and shows difference when it comes to human breeds

It changes willingness to bleed

It changes how you wish to breathe

How and where you wish to breed

See, depending on need or greed you hittin on different speeds

Sometimes you swervin in the lanes, sometimes you hittin the fuckin trees

Distracted by the chicken in the street

That’s a metaphor, hope you get it, please

Learn from what you’ve seen


Glitchin in my freedom, guess I’m lost in the lust

I know the shit is wild, but I love to see her blush

From her blush to bust to cuff, all her skin is love

I got nothin but love



See, my experience been tough…

The shit been rough…

I look into her eyes, I hope I’m not mistakin what’s what

That’ll be just my luck

Par for the course, like “Gaddamn, nigga, fuck.”

Lust and love…

I mix that shit up?

It blows up.

The game is corrupt.

Makes dating suck.

Like, what the fuck.

Oh, my god, what the fuck.

Did I do something in this life, last life, is this shit karma?

Is that why I’m dealing wit this drama?

All this shit karma?

I meet the girl, I treat the girl, she treat me like I caused her trauma?

Like holdin doors, givin her flowers, is harmin’ her?

I’m tryin to start a now, maybe later we can start a saga


I know I’m not a rapper

Nor a gun clapper

Been in the hood, but not a trapper

A literature yapper

I write the letters in trappers

I stay steady wit the blabber

I’m stankin, I’m wit the clatter

Bleedin for the chatter

My black life, my black ink, my skin; all matters

I’m steady progressing, each next day? I’m better badder

I don’t need no clappers

I flaunt myself, myself I flatter

I’m livin wit the rips and tears, experienced wit the tatter

Owe myself to myself, cuz in the end I’m all that matters

Golden like I’m dirty bladder

Oh my god, I’m flickering

Fading outta scene

I write like I’m mad, I’m mean

You should see me in the scene

I’m spittin and I’m trippin, you might think I’m off that green

But, I’m only on a different drink

Different, cuz it’s different every time I buy some sippin

You can catch me always drippin

Movin with the letters, like I’m postman dribblin

Legendary. Pippen.

Plus 23 on a tee, thinkin like there’s three me’s hittin

Just wait until I’m large, talkin blowin up Krillin

I’m stealing the ceilings you sealed in, you hear me drillin?

If the pen is mightier than the sword, then guess I’m killin

Homicidal feelin’s

Self-taught, like I been in prison

Is that insulting to those who been in?

Fuck it, this is just business, inking wit a sickness


Try as I might, I can’t stop this pain

I even close my eyes looking for strength

Mind over mind, trying to force a change

Feeling empty, cold, alone, and late

Nothing is worth it, a wasteful weight

Music is a kiss, darkness is a blanket

Drinks and drugs to feel faded

Distractions from the depression laid in

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