With the Cheshire Grin




You’ll remember me

When you reminisce within your dreams

When you hear your friends, your family, askin bout me

When it makes you wanna me scream

When you really, truly, do want me

You’ll remember me


Glitchin in my freedom, guess I’m lost in the lust

I know the shit is wild, but I love to see her blush

From her blush to bust to cuff, all her skin is love

I got nothin but love



See, my experience been tough…

The shit been rough…

I look into her eyes, I hope I’m not mistakin what’s what

That’ll be just my luck

Par for the course, like “Gaddamn, nigga, fuck.”

Lust and love…

I mix that shit up?

It blows up.

The game is corrupt.

Makes dating suck.

Like, what the fuck.

Oh, my god, what the fuck.

Did I do something in this life, last life, is this shit karma?

Is that why I’m dealing wit this drama?

All this shit karma?

I meet the girl, I treat the girl, she treat me like I caused her trauma?

Like holdin doors, givin her flowers, is harmin’ her?

I’m tryin to start a now, maybe later we can start a saga


Sinkin in this feeling

Though, I wanna share my peelings

Life shuffling these cards and dealing

So, I’m dealing with the dealings

From floors to the ceilings

Pickin at my meals ands

Separation has got me keelin

But, I’m never over

Shruggin shoulders

Even when I’m lower

Clownin wit the floaters

Mind dirtier than all your boulders

Dappin past the “told yer’s”

Stainin on approach

Mind first-class, body coach


*sigh* (or, Don’t Ask)

A monster manic in madness

Thinkin I think in static

Drunk, still drinkin on the brink

Cozy, introspectively nosy in a deep seat

No floating with goats, preposted to the wall of crows

Screaming woes perform in flows, but what do you know?

Life is rife with strife, don’t live without a knife

Or two or four or eight, it’s just right given the light

Dances in the rain hide the pain

Yet, strain improves the train for gains

Madness loves a monster manic

Dangerous changes birth from panic

Preposterous improvements manifest from scars

Bizarre flaws cross thresholds to be stars

Deep in the chest away from the rest

No flex, away from stress to analyze my less

Piqued interest to critique my inner me

Manic in my madness, what monster will I see?


Wrote me few good riots

Wrote out the stress right

Wrote y’all what’s inside

How y’all like me now

How I stack up “wows”

How in the hell I ink this route

Actions acting with pride

Actions formed from this high

Actions pushin all sides

Turnin in lanes while swervin

Turnin all eyes(I’s) for curvings

Turnin out past lingering hurtin


Add your kiss to my everlong list

Presence without you is amiss

Feel you washing over me, feeling the abyss

Putting every sense in bliss

Forget that and them, it’s all about here and this

Nothing is as passionate

Stand for you like an activist

Spell it out like an acronym

L – Love you for your mind and your flesh

O – Oh, something like a breath of fresh air, yes

V – Vulnerable for you, I confess

E – Everything and anything for you and nothing less



Sippin on bloody wine

Clotting up the grape vine

Graffiti on the signs

That’s the “I’m” in my design

Fighting my demise

This might of my mind is mine

There’s no might

I’m sick with sight

I’m blind when it comes to blinds

Just Gollum when it comes to finds

Defiant with even time

Odd, how I’ve learned to fly

Jumpin, testing the die

Needing the bleedin for all the wise

Oblige the “whys”

Pig in shit, smoothin in the grime

This Icarus is modified

Chloroform for the light

Beyond Daedalus heights

Knives to my vines

Pouring write

Drinkin lines


Blood in the wine

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