With the Cheshire Grin




You’ll remember me

When you reminisce within your dreams

When you hear your friends, your family, askin bout me

When it makes you wanna me scream

When you really, truly, do want me

You’ll remember me


Juxtapose the menace from the poem to prose

A dark glow permeates from both

Twenty six on topics and subjects, it’s all collateral

Folk think they woke, but they ain’t got fire behind the do’

Whatchu know, holy or unholy ghost chose

Sincere lines I rhyme, as I’m drinkin like I’m sinkin in a bar

Never parched

Fully charged from various scars

Flaunt flaws like new cars, I’m goin far

I bleed large when cross, so I poem my thoughts

My speech logs may be bleak, so piss off

Not straight, diagonal, we gon criss cross

We just different flavors, drip different sauce

We want different recognition

I ain’t worried to be pissing

I ain’t worried bout your mission

I’m already lost and missin

But, I have a hell of a vision


My instability is quite horrendous

Heel to toe and toe to heel, my failure is stupendous

Which may explain my madness endless

Reckless in the written sentence

Splendid in this melanin menace

A thought process curious, don’t want to be loathsome

So movements are planned or plotted, dotted with “ums”

Still making decisions like, “damn, that was dumb”

Not even influenced by whiskey or the rum

Imbalanced upon the equilibrium

Shaking from the beating drums

Bleeding veins are the best to strum

The sound of dysfunction can be glorious

I mean, there’s more than one way to be luxurious


Sinkin in this feeling

Though, I wanna share my peelings

Life shuffling these cards and dealing

So, I’m dealing with the dealings

From floors to the ceilings

Pickin at my meals ands

Separation has got me keelin

But, I’m never over

Shruggin shoulders

Even when I’m lower

Clownin wit the floaters

Mind dirtier than all your boulders

Dappin past the “told yer’s”

Stainin on approach

Mind first-class, body coach


*sigh* (or, Don’t Ask)

A monster manic in madness

Thinkin I think in static

Drunk, still drinkin on the brink

Cozy, introspectively nosy in a deep seat

No floating with goats, preposted to the wall of crows

Screaming woes perform in flows, but what do you know?

Life is rife with strife, don’t live without a knife

Or two or four or eight, it’s just right given the light

Dances in the rain hide the pain

Yet, strain improves the train for gains

Madness loves a monster manic

Dangerous changes birth from panic

Preposterous improvements manifest from scars

Bizarre flaws cross thresholds to be stars

Deep in the chest away from the rest

No flex, away from stress to analyze my less

Piqued interest to critique my inner me

Manic in my madness, what monster will I see?


Like a finely structured poem

You’ve been on my mind on the roam

Image is diamond honed

A presence rarely felt

An aura that glows, whispers, melts

Shining with two piercing eyes

A lovely green from the jade inside

David pales in comparison to the pristine

Eclipses the beauty found in the Sistine

Historical significance unknown

Priceless from the smile alone

Halting a gaze with a Medusa numbness

Words can’t do justice

For this existing quality lustrous


Fixed in my kicks
I missed my wish
Add your kiss to my everlong list
Life can be brisk
Although the view is stable
Thoughts are with the crows
Never mind the ladies and bros
Gotta watch the calm stroll
Watch out for the makeup
The fake up
Fabricated, "Hey, what's up?"
Perhaps it's not real
Not for me to feel
Not for me to roll up and reel
It's not up to my will
It may be my impossible
I'm dying
I'm frying
I'm trying
I'm trying
I'm trying
I'm trying
Maybe I'm better off dyin


Peep her through ya hater spectacles
She's very special, ya know
She's hella bless-ed, ya know
Ruling the spotlight on the show
Ruinin the haters
Don't debater her
And, nigga, please, don't play her
She a player of players
Ya could never give a high enough rating to rate her
She now with the better, not later
No practice, just natural miraculous
You hear her greatness? I'm blastin it
Hold on, get an ambulance
Life made her on accident
Nothing's on her level of extravagance
Talk about immaculate
From the niggas to the bitches to the children to the elders even envy
Inadvertently trending
Cain't trust whoever friendly
Every smile deadly
It put her into a frenzy
She not wasting her panties or pennies
Not selling out for a Bentley
Nor being somebody's Emmy
She'll make the world bow, call her, "Her Excellency"


Men cower from her power

Her force, it showers

Intimidating and towers

A sinister beauty, a darker flower

The thorns are her voice

It’s toxic to make her a choice

She’s turning the men to boys

And treating the pleading as noise

Just conning fools for riches

They paying for all her wishes

Similar to witches

Her power is over souls

Yet, it don’t help to know

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