With the Cheshire Grin




You’ll remember me

When you reminisce within your dreams

When you hear your friends, your family, askin bout me

When it makes you wanna me scream

When you really, truly, do want me

You’ll remember me


I think we need greed, I think it balances out that need

I’m talkin bout pushin and pushin past when you bleed

It differs and shows difference when it comes to human breeds

It changes willingness to bleed

It changes how you wish to breathe

How and where you wish to breed

See, depending on need or greed you hittin on different speeds

Sometimes you swervin in the lanes, sometimes you hittin the fuckin trees

Distracted by the chicken in the street

That’s a metaphor, hope you get it, please

Learn from what you’ve seen


Glitchin in my freedom, guess I’m lost in the lust

I know the shit is wild, but I love to see her blush

From her blush to bust to cuff, all her skin is love

I got nothin but love



See, my experience been tough…

The shit been rough…

I look into her eyes, I hope I’m not mistakin what’s what

That’ll be just my luck

Par for the course, like “Gaddamn, nigga, fuck.”

Lust and love…

I mix that shit up?

It blows up.

The game is corrupt.

Makes dating suck.

Like, what the fuck.

Oh, my god, what the fuck.

Did I do something in this life, last life, is this shit karma?

Is that why I’m dealing wit this drama?

All this shit karma?

I meet the girl, I treat the girl, she treat me like I caused her trauma?

Like holdin doors, givin her flowers, is harmin’ her?

I’m tryin to start a now, maybe later we can start a saga


Shaking, twisting, flexing

No time for resting

Wobbly from speech to texting

Destroying the self, I’m my own worst foe

All the weaknesses? I know

Living to annihilate the competition

A breakdown of composition is the mission

Rebuild in tension, never never testing

Sleeping wit eight lessons

Illiterate to warning signs

Like one is inclined to be blind

Yeah, that type

I know, right

Messages turn to piled messes

Messes turn to burning blessins

Blessins turn to anagrammed messages

A ludicrous cycle of reuse

Knowledge in the fool

Foolish with the truth

Madman floating in the blackened pool


Stretching and thinning

I’m screaming, looks like I’m grinning

Contorted, perfect for filming

Trapped in waves, no power for swimming

The light is dimming

Dying, despite the trying

Courage is Mach 5 flying

It’s gone, there is no driving

No slippery slopes, no sliding

Been passed the plummet

Been passed the flummoxed

Been passed the past, I’ve done it

The swirling bottom is sinking

I’m here, I’m now, and still blinking

Dipping a chalice, drinking

Toast to self, cup to teeth for clinking


Heard she lonely

Heard she hurtin, she lost all her homies

She tired of bein tired

Tired of bein wired, you wouldn’t understand her why’s

She exhausted

Achin from what life costed

She dryin out from tears

Funerals for elders, youngests, her peers

Grippin wit a hold on

No safety jacket, off her strength she float on

No fittin her shoes, it’s a tighter size

Wit gravel and blood inside

Her heart has formed a callous

From a daily practice of harsher balance

*sigh* (or, Don’t Ask)

A monster manic in madness

Thinkin I think in static

Drunk, still drinkin on the brink

Cozy, introspectively nosy in a deep seat

No floating with goats, preposted to the wall of crows

Screaming woes perform in flows, but what do you know?

Life is rife with strife, don’t live without a knife

Or two or four or eight, it’s just right given the light

Dances in the rain hide the pain

Yet, strain improves the train for gains

Madness loves a monster manic

Dangerous changes birth from panic

Preposterous improvements manifest from scars

Bizarre flaws cross thresholds to be stars

Deep in the chest away from the rest

No flex, away from stress to analyze my less

Piqued interest to critique my inner me

Manic in my madness, what monster will I see?


Add your kiss to my everlong list

Presence without you is amiss

Feel you washing over me, feeling the abyss

Putting every sense in bliss

Forget that and them, it’s all about here and this

Nothing is as passionate

Stand for you like an activist

Spell it out like an acronym

L – Love you for your mind and your flesh

O – Oh, something like a breath of fresh air, yes

V – Vulnerable for you, I confess

E – Everything and anything for you and nothing less



Grieve to be free

Don’t let strength deceive

Go ahead and let it out and breathe

It’s natural to bleed

Let that pain leave

Give yourself a reprieve 

Be prepared for the next to come

Let go of the crumbs

Don’t worry about judgement, survival is never dumb

There’s always something else

Always something you ain’t felt

It’s difficult to say it in rhyme, to try and fuckin tell

I could argue, discuss, and sell

That you ain’t gotta settle for fail

But, what the hell

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