With the Cheshire Grin




You’ll remember me

When you reminisce within your dreams

When you hear your friends, your family, askin bout me

When it makes you wanna me scream

When you really, truly, do want me

You’ll remember me


You’ll remember me

From the couch, to the shower, to the sheets

Hittin every angle, every degree

And every scream

We drippin in cream

Not that Wu Tang mean

Somebody gon have to get in here and try to clean

We just a causing a scene

Something to record, something you can dream

You, me

All we can be

Neighbors gon call the police


Shaking, twisting, flexing

No time for resting

Wobbly from speech to texting

Destroying the self, I’m my own worst foe

All the weaknesses? I know

Living to annihilate the competition

A breakdown of composition is the mission

Rebuild in tension, never never testing

Sleeping wit eight lessons

Illiterate to warning signs

Like one is inclined to be blind

Yeah, that type

I know, right

Messages turn to piled messes

Messes turn to burning blessins

Blessins turn to anagrammed messages

A ludicrous cycle of reuse

Knowledge in the fool

Foolish with the truth

Madman floating in the blackened pool


Comin through slurrin and drippin all this aa

But, it’s purple, cuz this bleedin is fly

Watch ya feet, watch ya sides

Shyit, y’ain’t leavin dry

Spaced ancient afreet

Speakin tongues free

Risen supreme like, “oh my g-”

Kaleidoscopic, cuz chiliad

Demented, be that silly ass

Curvin flats

Blastin diamonds, treat it as glass

Brash, peep my brass

Flamin every class

Lookin very couthy, though

Would rather twist the flow and mix the blow

Confuse the foes, what they know

Divagate or divaricate

Depending on the state

Glutton for the plate

Absorbing all the hate

Appreciate the taste

Movin with a mutated pace

I may be glazed




Juxtapose the menace from the poem to prose

A dark glow permeates from both

Twenty six on topics and subjects, it’s all collateral

Folk think they woke, but they ain’t got fire behind the do’

Whatchu know, holy or unholy ghost chose

Sincere lines I rhyme, as I’m drinkin like I’m sinkin in a bar

Never parched

Fully charged from various scars

Flaunt flaws like new cars, I’m goin far

I bleed large when cross, so I poem my thoughts

My speech logs may be bleak, so piss off

Not straight, diagonal, we gon criss cross

We just different flavors, drip different sauce

We want different recognition

I ain’t worried to be pissing

I ain’t worried bout your mission

I’m already lost and missin

But, I have a hell of a vision


My instability is quite horrendous

Heel to toe and toe to heel, my failure is stupendous

Which may explain my madness endless

Reckless in the written sentence

Splendid in this melanin menace

A thought process curious, don’t want to be loathsome

So movements are planned or plotted, dotted with “ums”

Still making decisions like, “damn, that was dumb”

Not even influenced by whiskey or the rum

Imbalanced upon the equilibrium

Shaking from the beating drums

Bleeding veins are the best to strum

The sound of dysfunction can be glorious

I mean, there’s more than one way to be luxurious


My dysfunctional is precise and enlarged
So, I write in rhyme and place it in blogs
Can't understand the method if you don't understand the cause
But, that's another story for dropped jaws
I scream inside my mind
Begging the madness subsides
But, it takes me for a ride
Fists beating in my chest
Let me out, I wanna rest
Not temporary, eternal
I wanna sleep with the dirt and the colonels
Speaking with intensity like I'm speaking in the booth
But, I'm sitting on the couch, walking down the street, spitting all the truth
Grab a sax and call it blues
Lay a beat and call it rap
Or you rock it with guitars and beer that be on tap
Or you hit it with some notes, and call it that r&b
This is the pain, it's all in my sleep
There is no escape, but it is what it be


Nights and ghouls and wolves
Stars and death and screams for fools
Monsters are taunters, laughing in hymns
Drinkin and feedin off sins
Blades and words are pointed
Don't matter if the target anointed
Thinkin with a sense that's lost within the pain
Hailin blood from clouds with rain
This is the madness at hand
There is thought for a plan
Or the insanity at fist
After the last breath is bliss


Higher than skyscrapers parting through flavored vapors

Don Draper tapered, a sought and chased after flavor

Feeling tasered, “Hi, haters”

The dirt within the Durden, I’m never hurting

Learning in spurtings

Flirting wit curtains calling

Falling for godly gall and


Rockin n sockin in talkin

Third-eye wide hawkin

A wolf, not sheep; no, no flockin

Speakin with saucing

Thinkin in targets

Pardon this self-impartance

Livin free, fuck what’s bought-in

Fuck who’s brought in

Flippin, but I say I’m tossin

Hangin, never say I’m flossin

A nuisance with a noose and bruisings

Ancient metaphorical temple living between my temples

This supercalifragilistic is semple

Just a devil or rebel special within his mental

The genocide of the djinn inside is horrifying

So, I’m writing lies trying to light ya lights

I’m politely obliged to be the blight

Writing with the right trying to write right

Nights are nice when I’m penning with my might, leaving behind the might as I’m blacking out the lights

Snake eye on each die as I bet on die

Yes, I fly dice against life, diving for the try

Goodbyes and hi’s signed with the same sign

Hyperbolic with the thoughts, exotic

Brolic off the dirty tonic

This style is hella iconic

Ya know the nigga bout it

Gotta ride in n shout it

Write it in

Fly the lyric in

See, the sin that’s in is in the sentences

A tenant in hell marchin against the lieutenants

So, fuck a penance

Fuck a penance for the future or the present

Got a penchant for presences that’s full of menace

I’m bleeding into the medicine

Questionin why God let me in

Or was it rebellious angels that snuck me in

Would explain why my behaviors bring about titles like traitor, failure

It’s in my nature

An animal, the djinn in chains locked inside a chamber

Drownin in flames, original gift from Mr Melchior

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