With the Cheshire Grin


I’m fuckin wit it, so wit it my vision wicked

The shit acidic, it’s so delicious

Eclipsin sufficient

I’m livin wit no intentions

Of livin in tension

Leanin at a crook-ed attention

And drooling bleedin like I took a beatin

In reality, I’m seethin for anyone want me seated

Cain’t stay still

I’m building hills

I weighed the will

Outweighs the bill

So, out my way, I’m makin waves

My presence is my trade

Impressive impressions left in my days

I’m leavin em in a daze

Faded with abrasions

These letters be so, so brazen



I speak vision, I don’t care if you don’t listen

These letters, I make em glisten

Master of the lines, guess I’m fishing

Speakin words, pushin blizzards

Something of a wizard

Speakin wit some scissors

Razor sharp wit the sentence

No longer wanting repentance

Acceptance of this penance

The writer, the actor, multiple roles in credits



writin from the red hidden in the wrist, yes

be that depressed blessed

suicide wanna press

takin all the breath from the chest

just to stand up like the rest

just to walk like the best

blottin out lines, call life a bullshit test

wit the haema flex

latin wit the text that the world possess

feelin possessed

ever sence i suckled breasts

i’on’t know if that’s correct

this is finger movin, call it foreplay and sex

movin wit a different kinda speed some mistake for less

this the first, the last, the middle , precursor, and next


Attracted to outta my reach

Livin in a deep sleep

Dirty vision, liquor neat

Speakin things from creep dreams

Floodin the race

No care for the time or place

Rushing in it, no prep or brace

Muddy from the pen to face

Yes, sir, so black and brown

Still don’t abide by royal crowns

Shatter and shout loud

Kill kings, queens, and all the p’s around

I ‘on’t worry bout an afterlife

Markin the neck with knives

Season the life with lies

No bother carin for carin, hitting decline

Obliged to not tryin

Splashing blood on the ref

This renegade is deaf

To the bullshit, call it blessed

Tarzan thumpin on a chest

Hand on a heart, elbow stopping the breath

Trauma made a negro death obsessed

Now, I’m on my literary reaper flex

Well…more or less

WHO? (or, I THINK IT’S…)

s!rMudFace with the black bars in place

Classified sight helpin flippin paper change

Rovin all over the ranges deranged

Flyin flamin paper planes into the panes of the plains

Little bit sick, might’ve been born pissed

Deadly nauseous toxic, better watch out for the trip

Cain’t even grip within the slip, it all just dips

Just burn it down, asylums, schools, and churchs, all ya houses

Antisocial in the crowds, yet peep the prowess

Mud skin is proudest, ink is loudest

Still slammin vice versa, know about us


Riding in a coupe, a nigga ready to shoot

No headlight shine, what it do

Driving, got a shotgun wit a pistol, too

Muffler on the weapon, no *boomboom*

Ski mask on, cuz mystery’s smooth

In case of close calls, there’s Timbs for the tooth


Shaking, twisting, flexing

No time for resting

Wobbly from speech to texting

Destroying the self, I’m my own worst foe

All the weaknesses? I know

Living to annihilate the competition

A breakdown of composition is the mission

Rebuild in tension, never never testing

Sleeping wit eight lessons

Illiterate to warning signs

Like one is inclined to be blind

Yeah, that type

I know, right

Messages turn to piled messes

Messes turn to burning blessins

Blessins turn to anagrammed messages

A ludicrous cycle of reuse

Knowledge in the fool

Foolish with the truth

Madman floating in the blackened pool


Stretching and thinning

I’m screaming, looks like I’m grinning

Contorted, perfect for filming

Trapped in waves, no power for swimming

The light is dimming

Dying, despite the trying

Courage is Mach 5 flying

It’s gone, there is no driving

No slippery slopes, no sliding

Been passed the plummet

Been passed the flummoxed

Been passed the past, I’ve done it

The swirling bottom is sinking

I’m here, I’m now, and still blinking

Dipping a chalice, drinking

Toast to self, cup to teeth for clinking


Heard she lonely

Heard she hurtin, she lost all her homies

She tired of bein tired

Tired of bein wired, you wouldn’t understand her why’s

She exhausted

Achin from what life costed

She dryin out from tears

Funerals for elders, youngests, her peers

Grippin wit a hold on

No safety jacket, off her strength she float on

No fittin her shoes, it’s a tighter size

Wit gravel and blood inside

Her heart has formed a callous

From a daily practice of harsher balance

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