In orbit, on kaleidoscopic wings


My d.n.a is m.a.d

Now, tell me that ain’t r.a.d

Speaking with the blammity

No more wasting time on sanity

Devotion to Ma Calamity

Got the damn and damned in me

My family equal enemy

I got the knives in the back of me

Jerking with adrenaline

Howls from canines feeling me

Sleeping to their symphonies

Instinct knows what my venom means

My know is on the ledge

I got that edge

I’m “nah” when it comes to sense

Coming with all new sense

Intense in sentence

Cuz, by all intents, fuck your tense


I’m seeking something new

I’m seeking something true

As I collide through the hues

Blacks and blues

Sometimes no color for the bruise

Feeling worn and used

The tension is pressing against my message, as I’m walking through

The journey is grueling

Possibility’s fueling

Failure is past and moving

Success is coming to and

The cycle is proving

It’s all about the doing

I had to learn there is no help

I had to learn survive myself

To grab on and escape my hell

I’m crying, cuz often success is still a fail

An open book with much to tell

With pages burnt in the damaged tale

No one wants to hear the wail

From a beast trapped in a cage that fell

That’s why I howl when I rebel


Niggas throwing up “Gs”

Like they ready for the fees

Then you light em up like trees

Crying on they knees

Snottin bubbles with pleads

Praying for police

Cuz, they not ready to bleed

*bitch voice* why you mean to me


Thought you had the keys

What, you thought the dream was sweet

Thought you could stomp yo feet

This ain’t a stage on the street

Ain’t no Hollywood scene

We killing for all this green

We breathe and zzz’s Gs


Regurgitating colors, forming puddles and slipping

Kaleidoscope symphony, madness is trying to sing to me

I’m dope, I mean, I think I’m overcharged with all this dopamine

Can’t get a strong enough chlorpromazine

High-tolerant from any methamphetamine

Sipping on liquid-consistency, dark colored dreams

Pupils wild from atropine, LSD, mescaline, mushrooms with psilocybin

Even stalking PHDs for some legal amphetamines

I’m claiming ADD, ADHD, PTSD, and all kinds of anxiety

Shit, higher than godly and the level angel sonnets be


Soil color skin with black fill-ins

A lower security, I kinda compare myself to villains

So, fuck your buildings and feelings

I’m reaching through the ceilings

Breaking through the floors

Watching bitches and niggas hit my floor

I label em whores

As I rip hinges off of doors

And leave the doors

But, of course

Cuz, I don’t trust the source

Charting my own course


My menace is my medicine


I donate to the catacombs

Shooting up family homes

Gettin mommas and daddies and sisters and the holmes 

Ashes to ashes, gas and lighters to the bones 

A bullet or a shell to the “no”‘s and “don’t”‘s and “won’t”‘s 

Hype for all this murder shit, raising up my grown

Yeah, the killing get me gon’

Fuck crack, meth, weed; my high is a better zone


Feelin like the rudest and the cruelest

As I’m pulling on the boomstick

Victim on the knees sobbing, “Don’t do this”

Should’ve thought thrice ‘fore you started with the ghoulish

Now I gotta make the blood pool n shit

But, you ain’t gotta worry after this

Death is bliss


Humming on harmonicas

Mean I’m bustin blahdidas

Reaction to the blahblahblahs

Strolling through a bloody scene, slicker than Mr LaDiDa

Puffin on the chronic, uh, the indica, the purple stuff

Sippin through a straw that’s connected to a codeine cup

Never for the cuff up, so I shortcut through stores that’s up

Gun gets stripped, disposed of in a trash, alley, and a gutter

Never catch this shoota, and I stamp that on my mutha

A different day, a different dollar, today was just another


Grieve to be free

Don’t let strength deceive

Go ahead and let it out and breathe

It’s natural to bleed

Let that pain leave

Give yourself a reprieve 

Be prepared for the next to come

Let go of the crumbs

Don’t worry about judgement, survival is never dumb

There’s always something else

Always something you ain’t felt

It’s difficult to say it in rhyme, to try and fuckin tell

I could argue, discuss, and sell

That you ain’t gotta settle for fail

But, what the hell

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