Peep her through ya hater spectacles
She's very special, ya know
She's hella bless-ed, ya know
Ruling the spotlight on the show
Ruinin the haters
Don't debater her
And, nigga, please, don't play her
She a player of players
Ya could never give a high enough rating to rate her
She now with the better, not later
No practice, just natural miraculous
You hear her greatness? I'm blastin it
Hold on, get an ambulance
Life made her on accident
Nothing's on her level of extravagance
Talk about immaculate
From the niggas to the bitches to the children to the elders even envy
Inadvertently trending
Cain't trust whoever friendly
Every smile deadly
It put her into a frenzy
She not wasting her panties or pennies
Not selling out for a Bentley
Nor being somebody's Emmy
She'll make the world bow, call her, "Her Excellency"