With the Cheshire Grin


August 2017


Begins gentle in the temples

Making you grit all the dental

You can taste the taste of metal

As there begins panic in the mental

Sweat’s pouring from the rental

You can feel the scream

Yet, it can’t leap

From your mouth, so it bleeds

The only escapees

Are the tears, so you weep

You don’t feel elite

You feel fallen deep

You feel torn, cracked, broken

Madness is poking

Sanity is choking

Despair has awoken

You have now become one of those here floating


Two by two by two

Fools make up the zoo

Sick within the six

Ain’t no tickets, when you are the trip

Regurgitating knowledge, but the knowledge ain’t even facts

If you’re spreading bullshit, then your mouth is ass

And I mean to be crass, cuz trash the pass

Close the door, sit on the floor

Tryin to get through to you whores

Embrace it, let it through your pores

Think about it, critical thinking and criticism is good for the core


Surmising within the squalor

Not the place, but the mind parlor

Dirty, cuz the letters be the brawlers

Bandaged-fist philosophers and scholars

Ideas are wealth, but so are dollars

Tugging on a pen like a tie upon a collar

Raining ink, call it baller

Priceless Pacific Bluefish Tuna, hold the tartar

Future classic *calling it* Carter with the Carter

Talkin bout an eight parter

Writin, typin harder and harder

Might learn to Braille it to make it harder

Might go to prison to make it sharper

Nah, process is progress, sidestep the falter





Madness is interpretation, interpret it with the blotter

Writers are chaos plotters

Coolest minds within the saunas

Barters amidst the slaughter

Risking everything for the alter


Wrote me few good riots

Wrote out the stress right

Wrote y’all what’s inside

How y’all like me now

How I stack up “wows”

How in the hell I ink this route

Actions acting with pride

Actions formed from this high

Actions pushin all sides

Turnin in lanes while swervin

Turnin all eyes(I’s) for curvings

Turnin out past lingering hurtin


I’m feelin violent

Like, fuck a silence

Drippin in wilin’

I ain’t runnin miles and

Fuck obligin

Fuck smiles and

Fuck lyin

Fists be flyin

I’m throwin tables, chairs, and anything

Screams is singing

Same difference meaning

Bruises blinging

Bystanders drinking

They drinkin, drinkin

While combatants sinking


It’s a vibe, nah, issa vibe

Get it right

Parked inside the ride, drinkin and thinkin deep inside

Digitus medius in mind

So gone, something the world cain’t find

Ignoring wyd’s and wya’s, dnd is mood is blind

Peace and isolation is shrine

Just “me, myself, my, and mine”

Your inner is where you fly, tonight

Drinkin and smokin, feelin alright, alright, alright

No pressure of any shape or size in sight

Issa session with no tension

No ignorant’s ignorance messing

No stressing, there is no flexing

Only self impressing wit self impressions

A livin self is a blessin

Bow down to this lack of aggression



The ether to cheerleaders

Perform for and from the bleachers

Spitting inferno, The Phoenix Breather

Poison seether

A stubborn black creature

Bleeding liters and bleeding leaders

Steady walking wit a teeter

Thinking in bleepers

A reader, leaker, speaker

Ready to sabotage the feeders

The tongue repeater flicker

Claws upon the paintings and pictures

Claw strokes are beautiful features

Pain is a brutal teacher

Damning all the preachers

Stabbing hands of reachers

Dodging any reaper

Life is a habit, it’s easier

I’M, I’M, I’M (or, SEAGULLS)

I’m limpin, you bitches think I be trippin


And with that thinkin you be slippin

I’m drippin, but not what I’m sippin

I’m livid, I’m livin

Interchangeable in missions

Movement adept in switchin

Somersaultin mixed in with the flippin

Pokin holes, I’m Bulls, I’m Pippen

“Honey Biscuit”, am I hip and

Sorry not sorry for my existence

I’m thinkin I might be preferince

Drippin in purple, since

I ain’t worried if I make sense

Future, I’m still past what you think is tense

I’m livin like I’m feelin, like, “FUCK A RECOMPENSE”

My words is got the strength

No showers saved me from this mess

A nigga never feelin blessed

A nigga feelin like a mess

Yeah, nigga, call me stressed

I’m gon still move, cuz fuck a nigga pressed

And if you don’t like “nigga”

I don’t give a “nigga”, nigga

Cuz, a nigga is a nigga, not a nigger, but a “nigga”

Fuck ya figga, nigga


Sometimes, I think about my lies

Sometimes, I think about my crimes

Sometimes, I fantasize the moment I could die

Hell, I’ve even put it into rhyme

Hell, I’ve bled into these lines

Hell, I’ve felt alone and just cried

I mean, drinkin til I pass out

I mean, muzzlin my shouts

I mean, don’t even ask me how’s

Thinkin I was dead before you knew me

Thinkin there’s no saving, I’ve been too deep

Thinkin not even Death will accept me into its sleep

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