My dysfunctional is precise and enlarged
So, I write in rhyme and place it in blogs
Can't understand the method if you don't understand the cause
But, that's another story for dropped jaws
I scream inside my mind
Begging the madness subsides
But, it takes me for a ride
Fists beating in my chest
Let me out, I wanna rest
Not temporary, eternal
I wanna sleep with the dirt and the colonels
Speaking with intensity like I'm speaking in the booth
But, I'm sitting on the couch, walking down the street, spitting all the truth
Grab a sax and call it blues
Lay a beat and call it rap
Or you rock it with guitars and beer that be on tap
Or you hit it with some notes, and call it that r&b
This is the pain, it's all in my sleep
There is no escape, but it is what it be