Higher than skyscrapers parting through flavored vapors

Don Draper tapered, a sought and chased after flavor

Feeling tasered, “Hi, haters”

The dirt within the Durden, I’m never hurting

Learning in spurtings

Flirting wit curtains calling

Falling for godly gall and


Rockin n sockin in talkin

Third-eye wide hawkin

A wolf, not sheep; no, no flockin

Speakin with saucing

Thinkin in targets

Pardon this self-impartance

Livin free, fuck what’s bought-in

Fuck who’s brought in

Flippin, but I say I’m tossin

Hangin, never say I’m flossin

A nuisance with a noose and bruisings

Ancient metaphorical temple living between my temples

This supercalifragilistic is semple

Just a devil or rebel special within his mental

The genocide of the djinn inside is horrifying

So, I’m writing lies trying to light ya lights

I’m politely obliged to be the blight

Writing with the right trying to write right

Nights are nice when I’m penning with my might, leaving behind the might as I’m blacking out the lights

Snake eye on each die as I bet on die

Yes, I fly dice against life, diving for the try

Goodbyes and hi’s signed with the same sign

Hyperbolic with the thoughts, exotic

Brolic off the dirty tonic

This style is hella iconic

Ya know the nigga bout it

Gotta ride in n shout it

Write it in

Fly the lyric in

See, the sin that’s in is in the sentences

A tenant in hell marchin against the lieutenants

So, fuck a penance

Fuck a penance for the future or the present

Got a penchant for presences that’s full of menace

I’m bleeding into the medicine

Questionin why God let me in

Or was it rebellious angels that snuck me in

Would explain why my behaviors bring about titles like traitor, failure

It’s in my nature

An animal, the djinn in chains locked inside a chamber

Drownin in flames, original gift from Mr Melchior