Comin through with multiple personalities

Like, fuck your sanity

I’m in my own sanity

Writing in calligraphic profanity

Trying to figure out what I mean

And what I be

I exist in blasphemy

Spitting from the balcony

Never with the cavities

I got my own batteries

I am my own cavalry

SpacemanTheJinn is me is phantasy

Tongue moving rampantly

Steady with the rhapsody

Similar to Eddie Valiant, see

I gravitate to rascally

Floating in the galaxy

Adding to the tapestry

Disrespecting canopies

Cuz, “Fuck ya fuckin majesties”

Randomly and rapidly

I might just be that phantasy

Ever since the nascency

My capacity for audacity

Is led by “Well, actually…”

But, that’s just me and my humanity