Heavyweight, underestimated

Underplayed and misbehaving

Don’t understand the overstate

Screeching in turns, fuck a wait

Breaking brakes, cuz fuck a late

Poppin, start a craze

Livin life is a faze

Exhaust in the pace

Exhaustin race

Put it in the face

State wit bass

Give it chase

Flicker flames all in the place

Playing wit fire and spraying mace

No complacent tastings

Manic with the pacing

Flexing, self-praising

Drippin wit sayings

Just sayin

The sayings are golden like super saiyans

Madness in artistry displayin

Mixin knowledge with laymans

Shooting at the famous

Aiming at the gods and angels, demons, Satans

Everything for trading

Well, not the pride and dignity, just playin

Unsatiated, so craving

So satisfying, so bait it

Ending this: signature and date it