With the Cheshire Grin


July 2017


My dysfunctional is precise and enlarged
So, I write in rhyme and place it in blogs
Can't understand the method if you don't understand the cause
But, that's another story for dropped jaws
I scream inside my mind
Begging the madness subsides
But, it takes me for a ride
Fists beating in my chest
Let me out, I wanna rest
Not temporary, eternal
I wanna sleep with the dirt and the colonels
Speaking with intensity like I'm speaking in the booth
But, I'm sitting on the couch, walking down the street, spitting all the truth
Grab a sax and call it blues
Lay a beat and call it rap
Or you rock it with guitars and beer that be on tap
Or you hit it with some notes, and call it that r&b
This is the pain, it's all in my sleep
There is no escape, but it is what it be


Nights and ghouls and wolves
Stars and death and screams for fools
Monsters are taunters, laughing in hymns
Drinkin and feedin off sins
Blades and words are pointed
Don't matter if the target anointed
Thinkin with a sense that's lost within the pain
Hailin blood from clouds with rain
This is the madness at hand
There is thought for a plan
Or the insanity at fist
After the last breath is bliss


Dead man stare trigga trance

Make a nigga do a bullet provokin two step dance

Not these hands, peep the metal plans

Walkin, not runnin, make you a runner from the blam

Ya can't can, if ya don't understand I'm not the one

But, I am the one, son

If ya wanna be the Dumb Trump

This a lifestyle, jumpin with the masks out

Staying wit the gloves and burners, now

Mothers and spouses are screaming

Cop lights are forever beaming

Concrete jungle bleeding

We soldiers, we natives, we fire

We never tire

Burnin rubber from the soles to the tires

Puppet soldiers playin wit wires

Make they eyes gaze higher

Scalp em, cuz "Fuck they lies"

Fuck em, yeah, fuck they lives

We focused and organized

We rationin out these lives

Blood in the clothes is fashion

This is our passion

We movin, marchin, and thrashin

Jurassic if we be trashin

Dark Ages if we be trappin

Stackin bricks, like building mansions

Lovin the candy, we Manson

Fixated upon the anthem:

"Dancing with Fire, we call that Passion."


So, I may be like my mother

"Chemically imbalanced", they say; "oh, brother

Mud-colored crazy bastard, add him to the others"

Statistically, just another

Flying, boating with no rudder

Thinking without a "shut up"

Writing with a "fuck the hush up"

Walking like I gotta "nut up"

Ordered up and knuckled up and drinkin with the brown in cup and blastin all the chopnotlslup and surmisin with the glasses up and puttin in the writing rough and the beats be beatin tough and it make the letters blush and that's how you put the twenty-six on cuff



Travel on this cruise

Earn and steal your dues

Peep the rules and ruse

Accept and learn from ya rues

Everything is yours if you choose

Never be so bloodless and gutless

You can’t accept this

The fiend of your set list

Think reckless and endless

We all real, but given time, we might be fictional

Thought process gotta be criminal

Moving beyond the pinnacle

Don’t let your visual be typical


Hold up, man

You the Hold Up Man

I know where they holed up, man

Don’t you wanna pop that man and all his mans

Pull up, make em do that bullet dance

Put em in a dead man stare trigga trance

I’ll write up some foolproof plans

Kill em, take all they weed, they coke and percs and xans

Movin wit gloves, masks

Cain’t end up on the stand

So, if they get witnesses, they fallin where they stand

Flip the drugs, make some grands

Money, money, money, no red, but green in hand

Hold up, man


I see in twenty twenty in Bastard

I see…me killin all the masters

Picasso in blood upon plasters

Painting patiently, not faster

Since infancy, a disaster

Spittin venom, I got ten blasters

Cataclysm in the vision

Snakin through greener pastures with hissin

Changes leaving some glistens

Fuck knowin I got it, I’m blind, I’m so fuckin blissful

All these others, cryin and wishful

I got no mo money for tissue

Rollin my eyes inside

Ain’t ya happy I am dyin

Hold on, I be lyin

I’m just motherfuckin high

Peepin the infinite design

Infinite signs

Infinite sighs

Infinite sides

Peepin the infinite inside


Color coded stolen moment

Mud-colored golden

Marchin like a golem

Hold em, ‘fore it fold em

Let em roll in

Let em taste the potent

Hidden like it’s stolen

Beneath the floorboards and rodents

Only why’s seem to notice

The wise is kinda bloated

Gotta question the notions

Side-eyeing boastins

Disregard the toastins

No clinkin glasses with masses

Instead, set infernos in classes

No love for knowledge rations

Pointed megaphone is blastin

Gettin attraction

With added traction



Higher than skyscrapers parting through flavored vapors

Don Draper tapered, a sought and chased after flavor

Feeling tasered, “Hi, haters”

The dirt within the Durden, I’m never hurting

Learning in spurtings

Flirting wit curtains calling

Falling for godly gall and


Rockin n sockin in talkin

Third-eye wide hawkin

A wolf, not sheep; no, no flockin

Speakin with saucing

Thinkin in targets

Pardon this self-impartance

Livin free, fuck what’s bought-in

Fuck who’s brought in

Flippin, but I say I’m tossin

Hangin, never say I’m flossin

A nuisance with a noose and bruisings

Ancient metaphorical temple living between my temples

This supercalifragilistic is semple

Just a devil or rebel special within his mental

The genocide of the djinn inside is horrifying

So, I’m writing lies trying to light ya lights

I’m politely obliged to be the blight

Writing with the right trying to write right

Nights are nice when I’m penning with my might, leaving behind the might as I’m blacking out the lights

Snake eye on each die as I bet on die

Yes, I fly dice against life, diving for the try

Goodbyes and hi’s signed with the same sign

Hyperbolic with the thoughts, exotic

Brolic off the dirty tonic

This style is hella iconic

Ya know the nigga bout it

Gotta ride in n shout it

Write it in

Fly the lyric in

See, the sin that’s in is in the sentences

A tenant in hell marchin against the lieutenants

So, fuck a penance

Fuck a penance for the future or the present

Got a penchant for presences that’s full of menace

I’m bleeding into the medicine

Questionin why God let me in

Or was it rebellious angels that snuck me in

Would explain why my behaviors bring about titles like traitor, failure

It’s in my nature

An animal, the djinn in chains locked inside a chamber

Drownin in flames, original gift from Mr Melchior

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