‪Watch me get so high‬

‪I may just die‬

‪Let that soul fly‬

‪Halo, devil horns, that combo so fly‬

‪Bloody grace‬

‪I’ll pen the page‬

‪I am the race‬

‪Peep the face‬

‪Watch my feet, this is the pace‬

‪Got the proud loud‬

‪Haters suffocated in the shroud‬

‪Knowing the ins, voluntarily cast out‬

‪Crow soldiers‬

‪”Told your’s”‬

‪Embroidered with boulders on shoulders‬

‪Embossed with “Fuck A Cost”‬

‪Fuck Life raw and give her a car‬

‪Fuck Life raw and make her a star‬

‪Fuck Life raw, make Death pull ya card‬