I’on’t even wanna think about the madness

Yet, I’m stuck within the sadness

Every now and then, I’m thinkin that I’m baddest

But, I’m thinkin I may baddest

Yeah, far from the raddest

Cuz, fuck a nigga’s “fucka nigga” status

I’ll claim “lame”, cuz fuck your same, settin flame to the grain, insane or in my sane, thoughts are runaway trains, glitchin/twitchin in the game, hammer to the brain

Stompin Timbs temper if you fuckin wit my lane

So, here come the fuck phrase:

Fuck ya name

Fuck ya dame

Fuck ya fame

Fuck ya gang

Fuck ya bang

Fuck the niggas who came

Fuck the bitches who scramed

Everybody and mommas/daddies body get the flame