I met the monster inside

He told me tell the rebel, “Hi”

Instead, I took it as “Goodbye”

I think he took me for the good guy

Gaddamn it, I’m the FUCKIN GOODGUY™

The shift is kinda nice, how I can lie to my mind

Fuck my image, I’ll scribble upon the limits

Outspoken within the timid

You bitches ain’t never hear this?

I hut hut all on ya scrimmage

I ain’t gotta know the meaning, I’ll be a menace

118 on the table, I’m a chemist

You realists feel this?

I’m playing Sega wit demons

I’m seeming to be one of the semen

That sets fires to ceilings

As I spoken word or rapping in my dreamings

As I’m bleeding with all my feelings

Finally, dying from lack of healing