Such a fantastic bombastic chaos personified

A whirlwind of consequence, song, euphoria, lies

If there’s an option, she has the will for the way, despite the tries

“Empress of Eternity. Queen of the World. Everything is Mine.”

Such is her line

Self-entitlement to death and life

Kooky and spooky, madness and rage, irresponsibly mixed

It’s surmised that her DNA was gifted, or cursed, with an extra twist

Reacting always with an unpredictable twitch

She can be the serpent with the venomous hiss

She can be the dream with the tender kiss

Birthed from flowering crusted molten lava in pain

Burn down across her shoulders like a strawberry stain

Birthed from an uncanny, miraculous strain

So, there’s no wonder her behaviors can be insane

Greater than a force of nature, she is a force of existence on the plane