With the Cheshire Grin


May 2017


Such a fantastic bombastic chaos personified

A whirlwind of consequence, song, euphoria, lies

If there’s an option, she has the will for the way, despite the tries

“Empress of Eternity. Queen of the World. Everything is Mine.”

Such is her line

Self-entitlement to death and life

Kooky and spooky, madness and rage, irresponsibly mixed

It’s surmised that her DNA was gifted, or cursed, with an extra twist

Reacting always with an unpredictable twitch

She can be the serpent with the venomous hiss

She can be the dream with the tender kiss

Birthed from flowering crusted molten lava in pain

Burn down across her shoulders like a strawberry stain

Birthed from an uncanny, miraculous strain

So, there’s no wonder her behaviors can be insane

Greater than a force of nature, she is a force of existence on the plane


The style is pungent and from the dungeon

Runnin and defib stunning

Smashin like a luncheon

Six wall budgin

Through the borders rushin

A curse cussin

Into The Infinite for deluxin

That’s when the consciousness begins to drift

There’s a feeling of a cold, under-the-skin lift

A creeping, all-encompassing sensation of bliss

Picture a bright blacked out blacklight kaleidoscopic trip

Such a vivid imagery should be hard to miss

Nauseating still limbo of self

All emotions placed back upon the shelf

No concern given to lifelong cards dealt

Absence of panic towards mental health

Everything is numb

An understanding that all are crumbs

In the grand scheme of The Infinite, the hum is for the sum


Peel the face back

Intrude into the rib and chest rack

Figure how the truth within stacks

No time for the pitty pat

The journey requires no restraint

Venture deep into the presence of your stain

Beyond where the pain is contained

A soft plunge into the abyss range

Loss of all feeling

As everything is sent reeling

Common knowns begin their peeling

As the self sheds its societal sealing

You can feel it pressed against the ceiling

Scratching and tapping

Causing synapses to start snapping

Internal bass ignorantly slapping

This is the madness trapping

Pushing at the capping

Embrace the symphony happening

It’s worth the screaming, bleeding, and clapping


She arrives with a “Wassup”

Follows with a run-up

Hostile bloody touch-ups

Causing such a dust-up

For those neglecting the hush-up

Knuckle, pistol, blade for the nut-ups

When she throws bodies into twisted up

Everything is tits up

She’s that Belle wilted rose that rose up

When shit tends to bubble up

The Beast within thrusts up


Lioness with a mane

Able to instill fear with her name

Walking into a fight, only one leaving how she came

She. Not. Tame.

Concrete jungle huntress prowling through the grain

Scalping to bring harm to the brain

Fully earning her infame

Able to back what she claim

Straight jacket progress insane

Promethean fire with the change

Uncontrollable. Unbridled. Unchained.


Aged dialogue is a stretched lyric

Alternating from intense and timid

The passion is increasingly livid

Colorful, artistic, language is quilted

Complicated designed lyric can be hard to follow

Physically nonexistent, yet structure not hollow

“Artistry is madness” is a motto

Impossible is possible and vice versa on a chanced roll

The fall is a stretch

Psychedelic Jervis Tetch

Drooling a bloody fluorescent colored mess

Twitchy vision blessed

Focused unfocused, more or less

A confessed guess in modified chess

Philosophical hallucinogenic dialogue

Spontaneous, sporadic, spectacular mind jog

Sentient pulsating ink dripped fog

One man pack of rebellious howling muddy wolf dogs


Look at this behavior

A mythical mystical favor

Dirty literature creator

Language debater

Soil catered

To rain dance in the crater

Altered to a chunky funky flavor

That’s hard to swallow and savor

Heartwarming heartburn euphoria later

Invested in rebellious nature

Leaning towered stature

Silhouette babbling bastard

Waving a burning kaleidoscopic banner

The smoldering tatters influencing chatter


Leaking, weak, stumbled speaking

Intoxicated and still drinking

Balance leaning

Tolerance still not peaking

Drinking liquor, chest beating

Liberal with the pours

Til the ceilings are floors, the walls are doors

Feel the heat within the core

Guzzling like I am Norse

I’m feeling strong, sensational

Come and gimme fellatio

Wetting up the backseat, yo

Make it home, then sectional

Lick her up professional

Liberal intoxication leads to sex, ya know


My d.n.a is m.a.d

Now, tell me that ain’t r.a.d

Speaking with the blammity

No more wasting time on sanity

Devotion to Ma Calamity

Got the damn and damned in me

My family equal enemy

I got the knives in the back of me

Jerking with adrenaline

Howls from canines feeling me

Sleeping to their symphonies

Instinct knows what my venom means

My know is on the ledge

I got that edge

I’m “nah” when it comes to sense

Coming with all new sense

Intense in sentence

Cuz, by all intents, fuck your tense

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