My prowess is in thinking loudest

Traveling The Infinite shrouded

Surrounded by the powered powerless

I’m then living in the now and this

Mind is crowded

Sorting through the lies and knowledge

But, screw the modest

Screw the honest

Honor this artist

Funky fresh stressed and impressive with all the words

Standstill spin cycle, flipping in the curve

Serendipitous sensational sojourner

Inspired by the recess of innocent’s murder

Blood dripping thick as cherry syrup

Simple meaning

Still far from ceilings

Bleeding the heart for written feelings

Scars and marks from the bleeding

Pain and experience is all needed for eating

Madness and love is all needed for dreaming

Everything comes down to how many beatings

How much can I take when it comes to healing

Gotta stand up, imbalanced, with vision reeling

Til I get past all my screaming

And I’m ripping off my skin, cuz my old self ain’t appealing

No more 6 feeling