Passion, madness, rage

What the absolute fuck is wrong with my days

I’m searching through my mind, only finding disorience and haze

Lack of memory of certain loved ones has me feeling fazed

Emotionally immobilized more than a 50K taze

Dedicated to closing my eyes and writing through the shades

Wandering into wonders

Falling into blunders

Prepping for the gunners

Missing Death like she a lover

Heard she got a kiss like no other

But, I’m past that faze

I’m past that daze

I’m past them days

I’ve passed them plays

I’m on a new craze

This writing’s exciting

Jack N with the writing

Losing my mind and I’m smiling

No 9/11 with the dialing

Rather stab, hang, and get the driving

Cuz, FUCK this world, FUCK this reality, FUCK this societal abiding

Why should I even be trying