I’m black so, seemingly, royalty is in these genes

But, fuck the kings, G

I jingle dreamer keys

Living for the flipping murder scenes

Not afraid to think for the leap

Gettin outta sinking seats

Gettin in the deep

The pressure makes many cower

So, the trust is in my power

Lettin it flower

Lettin it tower

Fuck naysayers and cowards

Cain’t let this potential sour

The talent has gotten louder

Been banging on doors with power

Announcing presence with bass

Intruding and rude and to the face

It’s a chasing taste

Cain’t acquire the pace

Hard to believe that that’s the case

But, ay, what more can I say

Cuz, I deem to be that genie, that djinni, that jinni

That Jinn, I stay in dreaming

That Man, I am that “Feel me?”

That Space, I am far beaming

I’m booming, like, “Can you hear me?”

This style is moldy, forever turning

Mature and surly

So, surely, way beyond deferring

But, I think I got an infection, my mind is burning

My thoughts are nauseous, I be hurling

Stuck and lost in sentences and wordings

Gray muscle getting burly

Maybe that might be way it’s hurting