Pressures uplifting design

Sliding into grinds

Inclined to climb minds

As mine inclines

42 em-pee-ach(mph) the motive as I drive

Shaman of the tribe

As I’m puffin on the live

But, I’m runnin with the hunters, though, they taking all the lives

I put the might inside inside my write

I decided to see the sights inside

I left the socialites

Cuz, I’m into flying deeper kites

Bleeding from the smile

Canines gripping wild

Rarely pile on the pile

Rather sift through the files

Find the truths to the trial

Lifting up the tiles

Cranking up the dials

Slitting throats of sires

Pullin on wires

Dumpin gas upon fires

Moving past the shire

“Literate the Liar”

Burnin out the tires

Scribbling out desire

The pen stroke is flier

The lead in the letters is dire

Wild Child inner child

Snarl with the growl

“Wow” is all the “now”

“Ooh” and “aah” sounds the crowd

Fueling the melting of all the crowns

Out the 6, thinking loud

Thumbs up wit a brand new towel

Find comfort in hidden shroud

Yet, surrounded by bound