With the Cheshire Grin


April 2017


Soil color skin with black fill-ins

A lower security, I kinda compare myself to villains

So, fuck your buildings and feelings

I’m reaching through the ceilings

Breaking through the floors

Watching bitches and niggas hit my floor

I label em whores

As I rip hinges off of doors

And leave the doors

But, of course

Cuz, I don’t trust the source

Charting my own course


My menace is my medicine


I donate to the catacombs

Shooting up family homes

Gettin mommas and daddies and sisters and the holmes 

Ashes to ashes, gas and lighters to the bones 

A bullet or a shell to the “no”‘s and “don’t”‘s and “won’t”‘s 

Hype for all this murder shit, raising up my grown

Yeah, the killing get me gon’

Fuck crack, meth, weed; my high is a better zone


Feelin like the rudest and the cruelest

As I’m pulling on the boomstick

Victim on the knees sobbing, “Don’t do this”

Should’ve thought thrice ‘fore you started with the ghoulish

Now I gotta make the blood pool n shit

But, you ain’t gotta worry after this

Death is bliss


Humming on harmonicas

Mean I’m bustin blahdidas

Reaction to the blahblahblahs

Strolling through a bloody scene, slicker than Mr LaDiDa

Puffin on the chronic, uh, the indica, the purple stuff

Sippin through a straw that’s connected to a codeine cup

Never for the cuff up, so I shortcut through stores that’s up

Gun gets stripped, disposed of in a trash, alley, and a gutter

Never catch this shoota, and I stamp that on my mutha

A different day, a different dollar, today was just another


Grieve to be free

Don’t let strength deceive

Go ahead and let it out and breathe

It’s natural to bleed

Let that pain leave

Give yourself a reprieve 

Be prepared for the next to come

Let go of the crumbs

Don’t worry about judgement, survival is never dumb

There’s always something else

Always something you ain’t felt

It’s difficult to say it in rhyme, to try and fuckin tell

I could argue, discuss, and sell

That you ain’t gotta settle for fail

But, what the hell


See, I see and speak in colors

But, blacks are not my brothers

Cuz, black is my one true mother

She’s Infinite and she smothers

Protects me from the highs and lows, she shields me from the gutters

I’ll tell you how I shutter

Fuck my bio mother

Fuck your mutters

I live with a flick and flutter

I don’t even remember my brother

Due to abuse by my bio mother

Betrayed by many lovers

I’ve succumbed to forever and never


Observant to certain services

And entranced by shiny and curvaceous surfaces

I used to wonder what my purpose is

Now, I’m flipping tables on supposed purposes

Fuck a broken leg

I’m writng with broken lead

Speaking with breath that’s Death

Heart is hidden in the chest

Deep Thought is in the rest

Static in the mind absurd

Blood staining on every shirt

Coming from the madness heard

Nothing works

Everything is cursed

Is it Death or Living that’s worse

Which has got more worth

That’s the type of thought more acidic than oranges

More power than horses

Maze running through all the courses

Morphing with all the forces

Chilling like a monkey resting on porches

Kissing on some Mary Jane torches

Only in need of self acceptance on the seal

As far as conceit’s concerned, there’s no comparison to my deal

Do you catch my drift or do you feel my zeal

All y’all want to rule, when some of y’all gotta kneel

Everybody cain’t be the best, that shit not real

I mean, I grew up in the crevice of the fold

I may have had to learn to be bold

But, I learned to do as The Infinite told

Learned to grab what’s me and keep hold

It’s made me more confident, rebellious, and bold

A smirk on my face

I appreciate my pace

Cuz, I’ve earned my place

I’ve been beaten to an acquired taste

And I’ve tried to run, but the pain gives chase

Avoidance, in my opinion, is a waste

So, I’m trying to live without haste

No mean to be impolite

But, I don’t find you right

And my opinion is my right

I’mma treat it like it’s right

So, a middle finger to you on sight

Hailing from The Infinite, thinking in many

Skin tone is Biggie penny

That means I’m ebony

And I got the ante on the any

That make you niggas wanna BLAM me

Cuz, I got something you ain’t hand me

So, a “Fuck You” to him and her and all these folks claiming family

I’m my own man, my own fan, yeah, you know I fan me

I dun sculpt myself with a hammer

Got confident, still functionin wit a stammer 

Off-Topic: caucasian physiology gettin tanner

Thighs and booties gettin phatter

I know my views are quixotic

My thoughts are looking Pollock

My vision is Jackson with the tonic

Lived through the blue, now gold, call that Sonic

Artistry is toxic

Very nauseous

Gotta love the process

Crashing through doors shut

Disturbing the hush

Disregarding the shush

An exquisitely formed mush

Calm, fast-paced rush

Peaceful Chirrut

Yet, still wit the “hut hut”

Directing the scenes wit blood

Nixing all the blood

Situation getting sticky

Movements getting icky

Gotta pull a tricky

On bitches, I’m feeling slicky

They wanna grill me

I’m Pamming, you better just kill me

I’m tripping all in the ceiling

Inner child me screaming

Cuz, the sanity is flicking

I’m telling me to stop bitching

As this body is convulsing and twitching

Pleasantly dreaming of burning royals

I don’t believe the crown is loyal

It’s intoxicating and I’m the foil

Skin-color soil

Disturbing morals

Use my magic, make the castles coil

Make the tears and sweat and blood boil

Changing possibilities of mortals

I’ll show you how I’ll toil

On a hunt for a better punt

As you bitches lunch

Labeling everything a cunt

As I shift with a shunt

Shut your “huh”‘s

Sit on your buns

Listen to my blunt

And observe my swerve

Appreciate my worth

I’m better than my girth

The mental is my turf

Call it never ending surf

Call it any metaphorical psychedelic word you heard

Put it on a shirt

Set an alarm

Work the charm

Panic the calm

Sing it like it’s a psalm

Love it like it’s mom

Appreciate it like it’s an earn

Push forward despite the burn

Book it for the learn

Refuse the fear of the urn

We’ll all return

Give in to the spark

Risk the heart

Everyday is the beginning and the end to a whole new start

Draw upon the chart

Make it what you want

Scribble and put up your mark

So, who do I owe

It’s only my self I owe

Created my flow

Altered my own

Conformity is scarce

Why should I care

I ain’t scared of stairs

Don’t waste your prayers

I’m not in the pews, I’m bored in chairs

Toasting to the stares

Cuz, fuck what’s not fair

I got experience with the crash

Skin scars, bruised mind, emotional madness dance

So I modified, added malleable cast

Threw the bullshit in the trash

Still accepting the pain in the past

Just living to last

To outlast

Still the outcast

First, middle, and last

Malleable, remember that

There is no “Would you kindly”

If you ever find me

Losing my mind nightly

Reality suffocating tightly

So, as the new kids say, “Put the shit in rice”

Embracing my vice

Providing illusions it’s alright

Cuz, everything is nice

Everything is right

Everything fight

Everything is might

Everything is trite

But, you gotta move with bite

If you wanna eclipse the heights

Cuz, fuck what’s small

Fuck the glass slipper in the ball

Fuck the bitches in the mall

Fuck the niggas in the bar

Hydroplane and go far

Let the world stare

You alone in the casket, so fuck if they care


Disconnected the plug

Middle finger up

Childhood was “What the fuck”

Adult life is “I don’t give a fuck”

Palms up, scrunching up the face, “Nigga, what”

Multiplying “facts”, yet still getting sums

Society think me dumb

But, I’m computer-smooth run

My virus translates to curse

It means I spurt verbs in bursts that hurt

The vowels come out in curves

I serve worse than a tense verse

Heard in the back seat of ya momma’s hearse

Like a black man robbin a white woman’s purse

Or a one-night-stand approached with a flirt

Gaddamn, nigga, damn, just, “CHURCH!”


My prowess is in thinking loudest

Traveling The Infinite shrouded

Surrounded by the powered powerless

I’m then living in the now and this

Mind is crowded

Sorting through the lies and knowledge

But, screw the modest

Screw the honest

Honor this artist

Funky fresh stressed and impressive with all the words

Standstill spin cycle, flipping in the curve

Serendipitous sensational sojourner

Inspired by the recess of innocent’s murder

Blood dripping thick as cherry syrup

Simple meaning

Still far from ceilings

Bleeding the heart for written feelings

Scars and marks from the bleeding

Pain and experience is all needed for eating

Madness and love is all needed for dreaming

Everything comes down to how many beatings

How much can I take when it comes to healing

Gotta stand up, imbalanced, with vision reeling

Til I get past all my screaming

And I’m ripping off my skin, cuz my old self ain’t appealing

No more 6 feeling

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