Here’s a story about Adam or Atom

The spelling don’t really matter

The story is all that matters

This is Genesis, the world was still a tatter

There’s a man in a garden, secluded alone

Doesn’t feel pain, but he’s feeling the groan

God said, “Shit, let’s make a woman from his bones”

Now, you got two in the green hill zone

Chillin and vibin wit a happier tone

Adam happy wit his rib, Eve

Peaceful in the night when they sleep

Peace when they dream

They don’t know about the serpent on the creep

Planning on coming through, messing with God’s dream

One day the serpent catches Eve on her feet

“So, I heard you can eat every fruit; is that how it be?”

“Well, we can have everything, except from this one tree

God said sure death if we eat”

“Man, that’s a lie, I don’t like that, g

You won’t even die, you’d be smart like G

He’s telling you a lie, just to keep ya mind weak”

“Naw, I don’t know, that sound like God

I don’t really think he’d try to keep us flawed”

“Look, yeah, I know, yeah, the truth is hard

Eat some of that fruit, then ya’ll get my talk”

Then, the serpent gave a grin, and took a walk

Eve took a bite

Shared with Adam nice

God was a mad sight

All three kicked from God’s light

Now, pain is day and night

I wonder who was really right?