No evidence

Burning the residence’s residents

No recompense

Throwing bricks and fists

Connecting up all the hits

I might be sick in the shit

So raw and bleeding in the kitsch’

So far from the bliss

And, yet, I’m spitting ignorance

Bumping purple, call me Prince

I had to reconstruct, cuz I deleted this

But, off the tangent, back to “no evidence”

Leaving no evidence

Burning up her parent’s residents

No guilt, no, no recompense

She’s been waiting ever since

She was molested

By Daddy and Uncle, and Momma was witness, then

5 years, then “No more, again”

12 years, she only knows abuse

But, she handled with her two

Nobody supported her views

Just a child, “Girl, shut up, sounding like a fool”

After this last time they…ya know…she poured the gas through and through

It’s a habit that after they resting true

So, the fire started without their clue

But, she thinking, “What do I now do?”