With the Cheshire Grin


March 2017


Don’t think of me as a man uplifted

Know that this personality is twist shifted

Pushes me to actions vicious

Innocence, I quite sometimes miss it

Lost from loss, attempted suicide’s kiss

Inspired by the serpent, not fond of ignorance bliss

I’m all about the question, conflict, that rebellious hiss

No faith in shooting stars, a skeptic to the wish

That’s the I’m in my design

Fuck a Virgo, am I confined to a sign

When I view life through a black light shine

Fuck a diamond chain, impress the hoes kinda grind

My childhood was a punch in the chest, “You a liar like yo daddy” kinda grind

Fuck being patient with pressure, my momma gave me a skin graft, but I guess I should be more appreciative of that nine months time


Here’s a story about Adam or Atom

The spelling don’t really matter

The story is all that matters

This is Genesis, the world was still a tatter

There’s a man in a garden, secluded alone

Doesn’t feel pain, but he’s feeling the groan

God said, “Shit, let’s make a woman from his bones”

Now, you got two in the green hill zone

Chillin and vibin wit a happier tone

Adam happy wit his rib, Eve

Peaceful in the night when they sleep

Peace when they dream

They don’t know about the serpent on the creep

Planning on coming through, messing with God’s dream

One day the serpent catches Eve on her feet

“So, I heard you can eat every fruit; is that how it be?”

“Well, we can have everything, except from this one tree

God said sure death if we eat”

“Man, that’s a lie, I don’t like that, g

You won’t even die, you’d be smart like G

He’s telling you a lie, just to keep ya mind weak”

“Naw, I don’t know, that sound like God

I don’t really think he’d try to keep us flawed”

“Look, yeah, I know, yeah, the truth is hard

Eat some of that fruit, then ya’ll get my talk”

Then, the serpent gave a grin, and took a walk

Eve took a bite

Shared with Adam nice

God was a mad sight

All three kicked from God’s light

Now, pain is day and night

I wonder who was really right?


I’m lost inside of eternity

No deities even feeling me

Shaking new levels

Thought process is trouble treble

I cain’t deviate from demons

I start profusely bleeding and seizing

Raised inside a vision that’s wicked that’s making me illicit 

Searching for my Jiminy Cricket, excuse my bitching

Debating the 8, cuz gods curious to my state

Building a deep thought with 42 is higher stakes

Gambling with madness

Intelligence is tragic


Men cower from her power

Her force, it showers

Intimidating and towers

A sinister beauty, a darker flower

The thorns are her voice

It’s toxic to make her a choice

She’s turning the men to boys

And treating the pleading as noise

Just conning fools for riches

They paying for all her wishes

Similar to witches

Her power is over souls

Yet, it don’t help to know


There’s no limit to the engine

Ever moving, fueled by sin

The cuts, scars, bruises within

Condensed and converted to grins

Improvement is learned from the grim

Shaky hands turn to “Yes I can”s

Fear is moving plans

Making it work, take it to church

Stronger and building from the hurt

Wondering if the talent is a blessing or curse

Just depends if it gets you in a quality hearse

Til then, you shifting gears, adjusting your speed

Ain’t gotta be the “we”, just focus on “me”

No chains, no crowns, you ain’t gonna hear a cling

But, champs rock them rings, let them fingers sing

I call it, “Pushin the Engine Into Dream”

If ya know what I mean


A better shade of green

Not envy or greed

Focused upon the training

If ya swing at me, I’m banging

Ya motherfucker’s derang-ed

Namekian, I’m dangerous

So flyer, I got that shine

By the way, I raised him right

No Billie Jean, that kid is mine

Purple and white

The colors weighted

No Saiyan, still highly rated

Most fools be pulling patience

So, Special Beam in the faces

Placing the Cannon in places

I’m back to meditating

Leave to me to my fading


No evidence

Burning the residence’s residents

No recompense

Throwing bricks and fists

Connecting up all the hits

I might be sick in the shit

So raw and bleeding in the kitsch’

So far from the bliss

And, yet, I’m spitting ignorance

Bumping purple, call me Prince

I had to reconstruct, cuz I deleted this

But, off the tangent, back to “no evidence”

Leaving no evidence

Burning up her parent’s residents

No guilt, no, no recompense

She’s been waiting ever since

She was molested

By Daddy and Uncle, and Momma was witness, then

5 years, then “No more, again”

12 years, she only knows abuse

But, she handled with her two

Nobody supported her views

Just a child, “Girl, shut up, sounding like a fool”

After this last time they…ya know…she poured the gas through and through

It’s a habit that after they resting true

So, the fire started without their clue

But, she thinking, “What do I now do?”

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