Known as forever trouble

Rage and snarl on double

She no bobble, stay poppin bubbles

Glad, pistols, blades, and shovels

Runnin the routes, make niggas lives fumble

Suppressor subtle

No hostile rebuttal

Matchmaker for casket cuddles

Cutting up some pounds, just to prep up all the bricks

Cash keep a rubberband grip

Got hookers and women in the strip

Got these niggas on the flips

Got the addicts doin tricks

Got the pigs playin snitch

You won’t ever catch the bitch

You got dreams, ambitions of Jimmy Choos

She got dreams, ambitions of your pockets, too

An artist with all the tools

Dropping all the fools and all the crews

Who make a poor choose

Make families sing the blues

Make the red run from redrum

Never see her come

Steal the breath from ya lungs

Should’ve wished her daddy had a son