She hails from a block of damners

No sweatin pullin the hammer

Watch ya grammar

Known as the 83rd Jammer

Walkin the talk, no stammer

Inner-city local soldier

Slamming like a boulder

Standin 90degrees, she bolder

Expressions showing she colder

Head on a swivel on the shoulder

Dropping bodies, casings, cases ever lower

Well-versed in knowledge of floaters

From the clowns to the cops to gods, they all know her

They all fear her

They never hear her

They never see her

They get the picture, it’s ever clearer

Witches don’t know a worse curse

She’ll target a procession, no love for a hearse

Living, either

She’s living ether

Chaos breeder

Anger seether

A madness breather

Eye of the storm

Actin calmer than a warn

Decisions are never torn

Weakness for her is foreign

She never talks bout her business

She just lets the victims witness

Her methods are so exquisite

Her record is higher digits

Without a twitch, without a fidget

With a purpose, with a mission

Burning souls and the Michelins

No bullshit, so antihistamine

Just adding to unsolved mysteries

Crises to family trees

Tragedies to histories

Her all is a calculated function

More than a metaphored something