‪She was willing for that night‬

‪She was eager for the fight‬

‪They killed her fam and homies, she wasn’t accepting to their blight‬

‪So, she ain’t give in to fright‬

‪She wasn’t ready to die‬

‪She wouldn’t tell that lie‬

‪But, these fuckers had to fry‬

‪Fuck justice, revenge was the why‬

‪Couldn’t buy a pistol, so she loaded up on blades‬

‪Fueled by the rage‬

‪And heartbroken days‬

‪Mommy, Daddy, brothers, sisters gone‬

‪Friends took bullets to the body and the dome‬

‪Surrounded by ghosts, so she still feel alone‬

‪Wiping her tears, as she’s on her way to foes‬

‪She creeped in under Death’s shadow‬

‪For thirty minutes, wasn’t even a battle‬

‪Slittin many necks‬

‪Followed wit a stab to the chest‬


‪”To Be Continued” for the rest‬