So full of ferocious roaches

Creepy, crawling, alphabet bloated

Think of a notion deeper than oceans, the Space wrote it

Man embracing madness

Pillow-killing sadness

Almost dangerous? The baddest

Surfing on top of sickness

Reading these words to mythics

Dragons and gods are tenants listed

Deeply seasoned with dreamings

Many meanings demeaning

Sneezing and they be sleeping

Lost inside a space

Without a pace

With all the grace of a great

The writer, the witness, written

Self-inflicted smitten

Exploding from within, the talent’s fitting

Casting off humanity

For something better than sanity

Meds and liquors and blah blah “can you see?”‘s

Mixing and high off ideas

Just tweaking and loving my dears

Written is backlogged, heavy in arrears

Thoughts get thought and lost

The cost of the proc’