‪I’m spaced, I might be wasted‬

‪The angels, demons elated‬

‪My death is prophetic, fated‬

‪It’s written in stone and dated‬

‪But, I got news for heaven and hell‬

‪I ain’t ringing on that bell‬

‪Can you smell my Braille?‬

‪I’m pungent, like pop-a-collar, “WELL.”‬

‪Even God couldn’t tell‬

‪When Satan tried to yell‬

‪Soon as I be speaking‬

‪Everybody ears is bleeding‬

‪Cuz, I’m speaking wit a beating‬

‪Got the deities hard of breathing‬

‪Another skeptic to the readings‬

‪I’m mixing up all the meanings‬

‪Before they can give me a greeting‬