‪Hold on to my masculate, holdin back the tears‬

‪Side-eyein and cursin, just muffin back all the fears‬

‪Knocking back some shots and beers‬

‪Shrugging past all the peers‬

‪Give a damn about a cheer‬

‪Pounding on my chest‬

‪Like, fuck the rest‬

‪Denzel nothin on me, I am the best‬

‪Never budge with a grudge ‬

‪Fuck off with the nudge‬

‪Fuck off with the bigger man hug‬

‪I’d rather see some blood‬

‪Poppin all marks, cain’t say I got a dud‬

‪Calm me down, I’m smokin good‬

‪Or givin her that wood‬

‪Either way, that shit like, “Whew”‬

‪It’s wetter than that morning dew‬

‪I’m a man writing fire, ya can call me “Dr. Flu”‬