‪I’m coughing, I hear some screaming‬

‪I’m inclined to just start dreaming‬

‪But, my nigga shaking me, speaking‬

‪I’m lookin incredulously, thinking‬

‪”Nigga, I’m focused on bleeding‬

‪Through three holes I’m fuckin leaking”‬

‪He saying, “Space, you in shock!‬

‪You never before been shot!‬

‪But, the cops been called, we cain’t be caught!‬

‪Get the fuck up and walk!‬

‪I’mma pull around the car!”‬

‪So, as he runs, I struggle stand‬

‪Dizzy, lightheaded bad‬

‪Feel like I’m breathing in glass‬

‪I make it to back seat‬

‪I’m feeling beat‬

‪I wanna sleep‬

‪Consciousness, drifting in and out‬

‪Intermittently hear him shout‬

‪But, I couldn’t say what he was talking bout‬

‪I don’t know if I’m alive, right now‬