With the Cheshire Grin


January 2017

‪Salutations and Farewell…‬(Or, A Thought Lost)

Vice is upset when upright and left in

A space a man restless rested

Crazed eyes tell a room shredded

A story of lost truths madness bested

The quiet becomes loud when wrested

Paid for The Infinite and fed it

A penchant for tension so wretched

Failing straight paths when tested

Colors bleed blended from shapes lost

Voices whisper screams from loss

No pattern accepted, chaos is par

For the course is perilous and far

Unprejudiced and leaving all in soot and tar


‪I’m writing from the blood in my lungs‬


‪Bigoted big bitch ain’t nothin but a hoe‬

‪Finessing America like a pro, he gotta go‬

‪Symbolizing everything bad with the states‬

‪Fuck a “Mr President” he a Mr Hate‬

‪Neo-Nazis, White Knights‬

‪NOW, America sees the sights‬

‪This why minorities been the talkin‬

‪Now, everybody into marchin‬

‪Takes this ______ man to get into the _____ house‬

‪For y’all to think, now?‬


‪Hold on to my masculate, holdin back the tears‬

‪Side-eyein and cursin, just muffin back all the fears‬

‪Knocking back some shots and beers‬

‪Shrugging past all the peers‬

‪Give a damn about a cheer‬

‪Pounding on my chest‬

‪Like, fuck the rest‬

‪Denzel nothin on me, I am the best‬

‪Never budge with a grudge ‬

‪Fuck off with the nudge‬

‪Fuck off with the bigger man hug‬

‪I’d rather see some blood‬

‪Poppin all marks, cain’t say I got a dud‬

‪Calm me down, I’m smokin good‬

‪Or givin her that wood‬

‪Either way, that shit like, “Whew”‬

‪It’s wetter than that morning dew‬

‪I’m a man writing fire, ya can call me “Dr. Flu”‬


‪I’m spaced, I might be wasted‬

‪The angels, demons elated‬

‪My death is prophetic, fated‬

‪It’s written in stone and dated‬

‪But, I got news for heaven and hell‬

‪I ain’t ringing on that bell‬

‪Can you smell my Braille?‬

‪I’m pungent, like pop-a-collar, “WELL.”‬

‪Even God couldn’t tell‬

‪When Satan tried to yell‬

‪Soon as I be speaking‬

‪Everybody ears is bleeding‬

‪Cuz, I’m speaking wit a beating‬

‪Got the deities hard of breathing‬

‪Another skeptic to the readings‬

‪I’m mixing up all the meanings‬

‪Before they can give me a greeting‬


‪I’m coughing, I hear some screaming‬

‪I’m inclined to just start dreaming‬

‪But, my nigga shaking me, speaking‬

‪I’m lookin incredulously, thinking‬

‪”Nigga, I’m focused on bleeding‬

‪Through three holes I’m fuckin leaking”‬

‪He saying, “Space, you in shock!‬

‪You never before been shot!‬

‪But, the cops been called, we cain’t be caught!‬

‪Get the fuck up and walk!‬

‪I’mma pull around the car!”‬

‪So, as he runs, I struggle stand‬

‪Dizzy, lightheaded bad‬

‪Feel like I’m breathing in glass‬

‪I make it to back seat‬

‪I’m feeling beat‬

‪I wanna sleep‬

‪Consciousness, drifting in and out‬

‪Intermittently hear him shout‬

‪But, I couldn’t say what he was talking bout‬

‪I don’t know if I’m alive, right now‬

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