Walls are shaking, colors’ drippin

Mouth is spittin

With the drug and liquor sippin

Gait is dippin

Hall is stretching

Anxiety’s pressing

Fear is setting

Strength is losing

There’s running and yet, there’s no movin

The process is bruisin

Only thing that’s broken is the sanity that’s losin

The feet are slipping, floor is rising

The blood is divin

Ears are ringin with a siren

The body is fallin, climbin

The skin and the pigment is fightin

Nose is cryin

Voice is lyin

This might be dyin

The heart is tryin

Perspiration is broken

Vision is too highly woken

Throat is bloody, regurgitatin, chokin

Embrace it all, you the reader, have been randomly chosen

For this is the psychedelic, kaleidoscopic moment