Shivering within the rain

And coated in dark stains

Conversations with the pain

Psychological framed

This a deeper kinda game

Nightmares’ testing the sane

Just trying to prevent the gains

Get tougher for all the maintains

Falling, but never faint

Giving defeat the proper feint

Bleed for the need

Scream for the dream

An artist, I think in Tardis

The change, is just called process

I’m nauseasistic

My existence is a whole new sickness

I’m catching all the misses

I’m listing them in my wristed

Soaking in a flood of blood

Putting distance from the “uhs” and “ughs”

Focused, leave em as a “was”

Kinda tryin to be a “the”

No matter the pain or the drain, I’ve bled for the love