I’m feeling like abused matter

My skin is tattered

My hope is shattered

Fuck Banner-mannered

My fuckin status is madder

I know I’m pissed

I’m bruising wrists

Drooling as the ink drips

Don’t call me bitching

My mood is fitting

These niggas tripping

All these troubles, still no trophy or ribbon

Exhausted of all the missions

Trying to move without slipping

Callused from the overworked gripping

Ain’t nobody thinking?!

They copacetic with the sinking?!

Cain’t burn, so I’m drinking

Overshadowed with all this tension

From the ignorance that seldom listens

My spoken becomes my written

Rage is deep within my presence

I’ve worked to suppress it

But, this world is oppressing

All this stress is nudging my depression 

I ain’t fine with these directions 

If all is normal, am I the infection?