No dotted “i”s

I’m lining “I”s

Crossing lines

Removing eyes above the lines

The “I’m” is my design

This image shining my shrine

Deep within my mind

Laying lies upon some lines

Trying to find a Suessy rhyme

Writing at the lights

Wasting everybody time

Grimy like it’s a crime

Gripping, stabbing for the climb

Pullin up the hoody

Mindset looney

Metaphorical shooting

Mistaken for moody

Dress-code might be broody

But, the attitude is cooly

Peepin through the foolin

Yet, the host be drooling

Howlin at the moon and

Riding stars for the cruising

All the world is zonking

Though the word is barking

Spinning in a whirl while honking

Skidding into parking

Peep the smoking from the markings