He’s darkness, he’s fighting with lighting

The power emanating is frightening

Refusing to lose, courage is tightening

No matter the strength, fear is forever, it’s biting

He’s crying, bleeding, still fighting

He’s offending through defying

A threat, question inspiring

She’s subconscious chaos struggling with order

Erratic coloring through borders

Soldier, survivor, leaving no mourners

Painting from the corner

No pain she’s ever shown or

Choice followed by remorse

Never conformin to one form

This darkness is ever changing

The thought process derange-ed

One wonders what could’ve made it

Lives, thrives, it feeds on motion

From emotions to new notions

Deeper than all the oceans

It’s leaving no trace, no notice

Quieter than dead silence

Inter-knowledgeable mileage

We movin, likened to riots

Releasing that voice inside

When that war is on outside

You gon opt for which side?