Breaking bodies into caskets like multiplying and subtracting with mathematics

I don’t ration the wrath

Patience is stuck in the past

As I create more patients in the present’s path

Decisions too fast, so the language is crass

Responding in kind, cuz I don’t give a fuck back

I’m a target, I’m an Oreo, I be that Spic Black

A baby born from madness, rarely informed of the facts

A child abused pretty hard, so it grew then erratic

Absent father, hateful mother, call that childhood status “Static”

A coke-addicted grandma, with a bickering family that’s massive

Fuck life and everything, everyone, tried to crash it

Failed attempts, a nigga finally said, “Pass it”

Feelin so misplaced and old, like the age is Jurassic

Just trying to learn and grow, so the aim is, “Surpass It”