Leaning in the ceiling and spitting at all the walls

So worn from mysterious wars, of COURSE I’m

Clinging to drinkin, it’s got my eyes ringin

See my pain, it’s ‘If I Ever – Shai’ with the singin

So wobbly from society, the hype is inside of me

Itchin from the dreams, the visuals be my parasites

Hi, high, I’m on the ride, I’m drifting, I’m deep inside

Sick beyond my stomach, regurgitating all the words

The truth is better felt, you ain’t got it if it’s just heard

Visceral wordplay, the signal is foggy crystal

Lethal just like a pistol, they dirty, I call em missiles

If you stay and listen, you’ll see I got the magic that’s missin

I’m drunken off all my thoughts, I’m thinkin I might be lispin

I’m limpin, hands grippin the sides of my head

I’m trippin from what I said, feelin like dead

Body shaking, it’s shivering

My temp is feverish, I’m quivering

My heart is missing some throbbins

My inner artist is sobbin

My heart is bleedin down my sleeve, it’s never enough

I gotta prod it, slap it, stab it till it fuckin erupts