Walkin into rooms, disturbing the lights

Lookin for the deep for the sight

Hittin the switch to feel it just right

Fallin and fallin and it feels like flight

Floating in a dive, no pain, no fight

Notice the gloss of my eyes

Sit back, focus, and realize

I’m gone

Spaceman On

Attention is drawn

My butterflies shall rise

My fallen stars shall shine

The Jinn in shall fly

I get it, I know it’s time

I get it, gotta get what’s mine

The letters, the numbers, they cry

They want me to let them sing

Let them prove what they can bring

As I open my mind on kaleidoscopic wings

I know it’s time to be

To free

To reach a new degree

To embrace my speech without apology

It’s time to change, catch the snitch, scratch the itch, shift into my niche, whichever metaphor you wish to pitch…

It’s time to switch.