With the Cheshire Grin


Would rather flip a table, cuz ugh this noise

When damage is damage despite the choice

And kindness or anger cain’t push the point

Walking from day to day

It is what it is, what more to say

Roll dice and play

Hooded up emotions like the night

Weary, rusted armor knight

Bleeding sore souls might be a testament to might

Guess it’s worth the thought

If it helps further the plot


Thinkin upon a brink

Standing up my shrink

Tossing back drinks

Memory ever hazy

So, yeah, my day is gravy

Bumpin old school Shady

Thinkin I might dead

I’m in a hood wit no cred

Just spittin off my head

Not a thug

Still don’t accept hugs

Dirtier than Pumba bugs

But, I aint tryin to be bloody and crippled

Lookin at life, and nah, the shit ain’t even simple

Poppin ya bubbles like pimples

Ya niggas ideas’ is crisp, fragile

Not ready for a logical battle

You rather be carried in a saddle, rattlin’ your rattle

Shatterin the glass houses and mansions

Don’t excuse my fuckin passion

Spittin wit full aggrassion


Baring my teeth and flexin

This is a Mighty Lyric session

Is this a…confession

Spitting upon ya methods

Curs-ed, oppres-ed, and bless-ed



A psycho stuck in a mansion

I’m stabbin niggas wit passion

Nasty freelancing assassin

Skippin, dancin, prancin

All the while, bloody and laughing

Blood soakin clothes is my fashion

Stabbin lungs as I’m passin

All your guns be the blastin

But, ya lives ain’t lastin

HUH (or, HEH)

I got a nose for whoas

I’ll show it without a prose

But, you won’t listen to my knows

So, I’m spittin or put it within written for the crows

This destruction growth from my woes

Looking at society, y’all foolish, yeah, I be blowed

Infinite and chose

I’m your him, her, and those

Wobbly and extravagant with a “FUCK THE WORLD” pose

Sinkin floating boats

Setting fire beneath the flo’boa’ds

Fuck a tip toeing, I’mma keep my screams goin

Peep the tapestry I’m sewing

Yeah, I’m letter holding

Yeah, I’m sentence showing

Letters form the sentences, sentences form the bricks

That’s how this rhyming exists

It’s just building and building

And I construct with the willing

But, I ain’t got any feeling to be building a ceiling

So, I’m filling and filling and filling and filling and filling

Killing top shelf billing, cuz it sound like sealing

I’m willing to be the villain, if it keeps the self grinnin


Like a finely structured poem

You’ve been on my mind on the roam

Image is diamond honed

A presence rarely felt

An aura that glows, whispers, melts

Shining with two piercing eyes

A lovely green from the jade inside

David pales in comparison to the pristine

Eclipses the beauty found in the Sistine

Historical significance unknown

Priceless from the smile alone

Halting a gaze with a Medusa numbness

Words can’t do justice

For this existing quality lustrous


Fuck you and fuck your “blasphemies”

I’m beyond your fuckin balconies

Stains inside your glass is me

Strength from the anxiety

Frowning wit a smile at society

Artistic wit with liar’s honesty

Feeling like the weakest strongest me

Is all I can be

Is all I can see

It takes all I got not to scream

It takes all I got just to try to breathe

Talk about strength, some days I view as it weak

Talk about lost, most nights I view that’s me


Claiming ADD, ADHD, PTSD, and all anxiety

Screaming with pain, one man orchestra with the symphony

Painting sloppy bloody by blunders

Peak of the summer, walkin with a shudder

No stuttered speech, confident in the yells

Duly noting tolls, putting cracks within the bells

Slave descendant American, native to this hell

Seeing with certainty, there’s a flaw in personalities

Honesty and fallacies, facts within the controversies

I mean, my worst enemy is me

Thine worst enemy is thee

Mine and yours

Perception: gift or curse


We can die from walking black, driving black
When we comin from homie's crib on the other side of the tracks
Officer of the law, or kin, or stranger attacks
There's a fear of the melanin
We don't choose it, it's DNA genuine
Shade should be irrelevant
We're treated as though we're trespassing upon premises
Do you ignore the screams in the streets
Do you skip the bloody pictures the news repeats
Do you act like you don't know and you don't see
White hood versus shaded face
American freedom creates a shady place
Bitter in its taste
Hate mongering in the media by your employers and your friends
Neo-Nazis and White Knights won't let this racism end
Red, White, Blue and Confederate offends
Sick of the fear, of the lies, of the pain
Sick of crying for kin and friends, all slain
Sick of this runaway train
Speeches about our plights
Marching for our rights
Murdered in our nights
How is any of this right


Thinkin unstable
Walkin in fables
Drinkin from ladles
Slappin away all appraisals
I zig and zag wit no fatal
Fabricated and outdated
Why do some niggas hate it
By "it" I mean "I", I'm so overrated
Handle out with the blade in
That's the kinda state I'm in
Fuck you, them dudes, too
Trump and the blues, too
Not Blues, but blue fools
Think I've had it with the static
Static make the balance outlandish
Thinkin til I'm drinkin and I'm pass-ed
Out in the abyss
Possibly creating impossible lists

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